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Steem was created in 2016 and is a blockchain focused on making social media better. Today, concerns about data privacy are growing. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others are losing peoples’ trust, just as they’re growing to billions of users. These platforms, while “free”, capture users’ data and use it to sell products back to us.

Steem-Own Your Data

Steem is the solution. With Steem, nobody owns your data except you. Steem can be accessed via a number of different apps, including Steemit, SteemPress, Busy, Steepshot, dtube, Vimm, and many others. Steemit is the flagship application, a blogging platform that anyone can join at no cost, and earn cryptocurrency when your posts are upvoted by other Steemians.

It gets better. While Steemit.com offers a free blog for all registered Steem accounts, you can incorporate your existing WordPress blog into the Steem blockchain, and earn cryptocurrency with every blog post.

Join Steem!

If you’re not on Steem yet, we’d love to have you, but understand that you might want to learn more about it before signing up.

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