Let’s face it: gaining followers on social media platforms is part of the fun.  Whether you are growing a brand, or keeping it casual, more followers will give you a better Steem experience. Having more followers gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have a greater impact on others.

There are a lot of articles on growing followers on Steem, but one of my goals with this website is to collect a lot of these tips into one source, saving people time and energy in learning how to best use this awesome platform.

With that said, these 7 tips will help you grow your followers and make your Steem experience more enjoyable. If the article is helpful, consider resteeming it or sharing it!

Here is my list of 7 Simple Ways to Gain Quality Followers:

  1. Find Your People
  2. Curate Your Comments Section
  3. Explore Tags
  4. Welcome New Steemians
  5. Follow Your Followers
  6. Explore Steem Apps
  7. Reach Out Beyond Steem

Find Your People

Engage in the community. Find people who like what you like, share common interests, and talk to them in their comments sections. It is easier to make friends when you have a common language with people. The trust gap closes more quickly when you find people who tell themselves the same stories that you do.

Those of us around in the 90’s (ahem) might remember the eBay commercial where the nerdy guy who was really into clocks found a whole bunch of people just like him on eBay.

Your Steem experience can be similar. Find the people just like you and build relationships. Make friends! I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know some folks here and have even met a few in “real life”.

Start by searching for content within Steem that follows a hobby. Like to BBQ? There are some great articles and videos about BBQing food on Steem by @papacrusher and others. Sharing recipes and photos is an obvious way to meet and befriend new people anywhere on the internet, and the benefit with Steem is in those upvotes!

Curate that Comments Section!

Curate your replies. When people comment on your post, thank them, and upvote them! While some people have hundreds of replies to their posts, most of us don’t, so there’s no excuse for being rude and not responding (or upvoting) if somebody makes a positive comment.

When you have enough Steem Power to use the slider (you can change your upvote $$ amount from 1 penny to whatever your maximum is), I’d recommend using only a small percentage for most comments, which will save you a lot of your limited voting power. Give the best comments a higher upvote, but beware of bot or duplicate accounts posting generic positive comments for easy money.

If you’re unsure of what your current voting power is at, you can check it out  over at Steemworld by adding @(yourusername) to the end of the URL. You can vote at 100% power 10 times per day.

This is really one of the most underused features I see in Steem. Upvote the best replies to the top-sometimes, somebody in your comment section can add a lot of value to your post. Steem is designed to use the economic incentives of earning cryptocurrency to reduce toxicity in social media and encourage polite society. And it works!

Explore Tags

Explore a new community. As the song says, “Make new friends, but keep the old…”. Exploring a new community gives you a different perspective on what is happening on Steem. Like Reddit, there is enough going on here that it is impossible to know all of it.

A great way to find a new community is to use the drop down menu item at the top of the page. You can also look at the tags people use for their posts, and click that tag to see what other people are writing about in that field.

One such community I’ve noticed grow the past few months is #steemsilvergold . This community is interested in the collecting and discussion of precious metals and coins. You’ll find words like “stackitus” here, which describes the itch people get when they feel like they need to buy more coins. There is a lot of photography of 1 ounce silver coins, some of which have been branded with the Steem logo.

Be an Ambassador

Welcome new Steemians to the site. The #introduceyourself tag is used by many to make their first blog post. Imagine you make your first blog post on here, and somebody takes their time to say “hello” and offer a few tips. You’re going to be in a position to make a really good first impression here, so don’t blow it:

  • Keep your comment short!
  • Avoid overloading a person with information (the Steem bot already has most of the basics covered)
  • Avoid any sales here. If you have a useful nugget of information, a link is ok, but it should be a link within Steem with information, not a link to your product.
  • Avoid asking them to follow you. Give the person a reason to want to read your bio. Brief is best; a wall of text will very likely be ignored.
  • Personalize it. “Hi, Jeff, welcome to Steem!” is better than “Welcome to Steem!”

Follow Your Followers

Follow those who are following and upvoting your content. Patrons like to be thanked. Do you have a person who is following you and consistently upvoting your content for more than a nickel or dime? You might enjoy following them.

I have 948 followers. There are probably 100 bot accounts (maybe more), and at least as many abandoned accounts, so going through my list of followers is not a good use of my time in finding people to follow. But do I have time to go through the same 15 people who have upvoted me consistently? Absolutely. I try to make sure and follow anyone kind enough to spend time commenting on my posts.

And my consistent upvoters? Thank you. I hope you’re enjoying the articles!

Explore the Apps

Try one of the many Steem apps. Steepshot is an Instagram clone that lets people upvote one another’s photos on the Steem blockchain, so your photos earn cryptocurrency. Dtube is a YouTube clone that lets you save your videos to the blockchain, where they can also earn cryptocurrency.

Steepshot’s logo

Each of these apps will post directly to your Steem account. You can see some examples on my blog, as I often post food pics on Steepshot.

Many of these apps are ports of regular social media apps, which happen to be plugged into the Steem blockchain. This is great-some of them even have full time developers behind them keeping the app up to date and available on iPhone and Android devices.

Trying new apps will expose your content to new audiences within Steem. For instance, I started using Steepshot when it came out in late fall 2017. I’ve stuck with it because I like sharing pictures of my food, and I can use them as an additional source of Steem income! I also like Steepshot because it is a gateway to get people to use Steem; it’s incredibly simple to post a photo and collect rewards.

Reach Out Beyond Steem

Use Discord and Slack groups from Steem to meet new people!

Notice, I didn’t say “spam your articles on Discord and Slack”. I said, use the groups to meet new people. Find groups of like minded people who share your hobbies and get to know them. Sometimes, I will ask for the other person’s Steem information and upvote/follow them. I may even mention that I upvoted them, or comment in their post, but I don’t ask for a follow back. Asking for follows is not only bad Steem etiquette, but it sends the message that your content isn’t very interesting.

Instead, imagine you’re in a Discord channel discussing BBQ ribs, and you tell people about a new tip to use grilling, or mention a few sauces and why one is the best. Those who engage with your discussion will be more likely to be a high quality follower on Steem. Be helpful and bring value first!

Being courteous and helpful in chat groups is incredibly effective, so long as you aren’t selling. This is the place to build trust, not to sell that great product you just know everyone needs and will love. 


Growing your list of followers can be a lot of fun, if you don’t worry too much about numbers and focus instead on building relationships. At the end of the day, Steem could tank to 1 cent and our money earned could be worthless. But friendships can survive tech failures, so make sure you invest in the one resource you do have control over: your followers list.


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