Last week, I asked you what you wanted to know about Steem. Thank you for all the responses!

First off, let’s talk about who won: I decided to use Steem curation for my methodology, and answer the top three responses by upvotes (in Steem, not by count). The result: @ironmanmatt, @evanvanness, and @niallon11 each won 5 Steem, and got their questions answered. Here’s the video:

Thank you for everyone who asked a question! I’ll be using the questions asked by @weirdheadaches, @crob, @moncia90, @ahmadmanga, @procaptainjoe, and @sumatranate over the next couple videos and have sent 2 Steem to everyone who asked a question this time around as a bonus thank you.

Thank you again and let me know if the video and answers were helpful.

Also, Episode 2 of Ask Steemmaker is up!


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