Last week, I asked you what you wanted to know about Steem. Thank you for all the responses! You can watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 for more questions answered.

Before we get to the video, I want to use this opportunity to remind readers that Week 2’s question period is still open. Ask your questions in the comments section of Episode 2 and I’ll answer the top three curated questions.

5 Steem will go to each winner, with 10 Steem if the post reaches 50 likes.

Note: please ask ONE question per response. You can ask multiple questions, but each one must be a separate “reply” so they can be properly curated. If you see a question you want to see answered, then like that person’s response so they’ll have a better chance or winning.

Thanks to @ahmadmanga, @sumatranate, and @evanvanness for asking these questions.

Again, ask your questions for next week’s episode in the comments below, and curate the best ones that you want to see answered!

See you next week.