Are you looking for a way to generate more income from your blog? Reach a new audience beyond your current readership? Who isn’t? Would you like to integrate a free app into your WordPress blog that allows you to blog for Bitcoin?

With SteemPress, you can do exactly that. This article will describe the step by step process how you can use SteemPress to blog for Bitcoin.

Blogging for Bitcoin

SteemPress is a free app that connects your WordPress blog to the blockchain. In this case, your blog is connected to the Steem blockchain, and your posts will begin earning money from upvotes.

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blogging for bitcoin

My newest article just made 5 Steem!

Bitcoin is now a household name, thanks to an incredible bull run in 2017. It is valued at over $6000, and many believe it will go much higher.

At the same time, putting one’s hard earned money into such a volatile asset is not for everyone. While long term Bitcoiners believe the price will continue to rise in the future, many who bought it at $20,000 have seen the value of their holdings drop immensely.

Furthermore, mining Bitcoin is no longer available to the enthusiast with a graphics card. There are a number of sites that will gladly take your money to mine for you (I’m not linking them here), but that is generally a losing proposition and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone.

Thankfully, the technology that powers Bitcoin, the blockchain, has created a number of alternative ways to earn cryptocurrency. There are a lot of ways for people to earn money online right now, but this is one of the best for bloggers.

Step 1: Sign up for a Steem Account

Signing up for a Steem account is most easily done by visiting and signing up. Unlike other social media sites, however, Steem signups can take a day or two to determine if you are a real person. Once you’ve completed your side of the account registration process, you can continue with the following steps while you wait for confirmation.

Step 2: Install SteemPress

WordPress users should be familiar with finding and installing plugins, but here’s a quick look at what you’ll need to do.

steempress logo

  1. Hover over Plugins on the left side of your dashboard and click “Add New”
  2. Select “SteemPress” from the choices. You’ll see a yellow icon like the one above.
  3. Once you’ve activated SteemPress, go to your Settings page where you’ll input your Steem username and Posting Key. If you’re still waiting for your Steem account to get activated, you can leave these blank for now. Note: when your username and posting key are correctly input into it, you should see two green Ok‘s on the bottom of the page after the save button.
  4. You can select a number of options here. If you don’t want your posts to delay being posted to Steem, ensure you have 0 written in the “Delay posts” box.
  5. Click “Save all changes” and you’ll see when you write a new post, you’ll now have a check box option for Publish to Steem in your Publish box (upper right corner of WordPress).

Step 3: Begin Blogging and Earn Steem

Once your Steem account has been created and you’re able to cross post your articles to Steem, you’ll need to encourage other Steemians to read and upvote your content. This takes time, patience, and hustle.

Your first step should be to find me on Steem and follow me. Feel free to drop into a recent article’s comments section and say hi.

Next, you’ll want to begin finding people with shared interests on Steem. Just like with any social media, you need to begin following people and responding with thoughtful comments to what they’re doing.

Are you a photographer? Search posts with the “photography” tag and make thoughtful comments on other photographers’ posts. You can search the trending articles from any tag using the following link style. Just substitute “photography” for your preferred topic:

You can publish great content for weeks months without getting more than one or two likes and comments if you’re not working on getting to know other Steemians. It’s incredibly important to remember that everyone is trying to get likes and attention (just like every other social media site, attention is incredibly valuable.

That also means you need to get in the habit now of curating content. “Curating” is a fancy way to say “upvoting”. Upvote the content you like and want to see more of, and make sure you comment on those posts too! As your Steem Power (and influence) grows, you’ll directly help others meet their goals and make more Steem.

Plus, you get Steem for curating content. There are even curation leagues for the competitive types!

Final Step: Profit

7 days after you create a post you’ll get your author rewards for it. Go to your Wallet tab on your Steemit page and click “Redeem Rewards” and you’ll get some Steem and/or SBD, and Steem Power. Steem and SBD can be instantly turned into Bitcoin by clicking the BUY STEEM OR STEEM POWER button and choosing Steem (or SBD) in the Send drop down and Bitcoin (or Ether, or other cryptocurrencies) in the Receive drop down.

Enter your cryptocurrency address and the button below will light up: Get Deposit Address. Click that and you’ll get further instructions to enter your Steem account name (don’t use the @ symbol). Once your name is verified, click Transfer Using Steemconnect and it will direct you to enter your Active Key. The transaction will take place instantly on the Steem blockchain, and then you’ll wait a bit for the other blockchain’s transfer to take place.

Congratulations! You’ve turned your blog post into Bitcoin.


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