The Ad Free Web Browser You Need

For the past 9 months or so, I’ve almost exclusively used the Brave browser on my phone. I also use it for about 70% of my desktop browsing.

The Brave browser automatically blocks those annoying ads you get when web browsing…you know, the videos that pop up and automatically play? I can’t stand those, and they drain battery power and data (I have an 8 GB plan). Many websites today are built to optimize the amount of ads viewed (because that affects the site’s revenue), which is why you’ll often see Top 10 articles that have one photo per page (instead of all ten on one).

It does this because it allows micropayments to websites that are Brave publishers (such as my site, SteemMaker), although at this point you don’t need to pay anything.

My experience using Brave on my smart phone is outstanding. It is my default browser, and was very easy to switch over to. If you haven’t started using the Brave browser yet, please click here (or the icon below) to download it for free. Note: I’ll also get a few BAT tokens, which is the cryptocurrency behind the browser.

This page might be annoying, because I’m experimenting with putting ads in it. What I’d like you to do is download the Brave browser (this is an affiliate link), then return back here. See what the page looks like with ads natively blocked.

Oh, and those of you who are already using Brave? This is a great way to show your friends an Ethereum project that has been making the internet better for over 8 months already.

Brave was created by Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla. Brendan invented JavaScript and has been a massive influence on your internet experience. This is not some two bit startup; Brave is looking to fundamentally change the way we use the web.

The Brave browser disempowers companies like Google that use your data for their own revenue. That alone is a reason to download it today.

One More Reason-Double Dipping

Since I cross post my articles using SteemPress, I can make money both on the Steem blockchain, and from users who use the Brave browser to view my site ad free, via the monthly BAT donation.

You can download Brave for free here (it is my favorite phone browser). Note: this is an affiliate link and I get $5 worth of BAT if you click it.