Delegate and Undelegate Steem Power: Step by Step Guide

Many of you have already heard you can delegate and undelegate Steem Power via the Minnowbooster website.

However, some of you may not understand how to undelegate Steem Power, which is a problem if you need to undelegate your Steem Power and use it for other purposes.

This article will give step by step instructions on a couple of ways to delegate and undelegate Steem Power.

Watch my YouTube video where I describe this here>>

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5 Practical Ways to Describe Steem to Friends

Describing Steem is difficult. While there are a few reasons why, the main one is that it is incredibly different from anything previously created. While one could explain Bitcoin to somebody in 199, and be reasonably successful (Star Wars had a credit system that was presumably outside of Imperial control), explaining Steem is more like trying to describe Facebook to somebody in 1994. Heck, we were still trying to figure out what the internet was in 1994. Continue reading “5 Practical Ways to Describe Steem to Friends”

7 Simple Ways to Gain Quality Steem Followers

Let’s face it: gaining followers on social media platforms is part of the fun.  Whether you are growing a brand, or keeping it casual, more followers will give you a better Steem experience. Having more followers gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have a greater impact on others.

There are a lot of articles on growing followers on Steem, but one of my goals with this website is to collect a lot of these tips into one source, saving people time and energy in learning how to best use this awesome platform.

With that said, these 7 tips will help you grow your followers and make your Steem experience more enjoyable. Continue reading “7 Simple Ways to Gain Quality Steem Followers”

7 Steps to Turn Blog Posts into Bitcoin

Bloggers-are you looking to add another source of revenue to your blog? Are you interested in earning some extra income that can give you exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

If the answer to these two questions is “yes”, I’d like to show you how you can Continue reading “7 Steps to Turn Blog Posts into Bitcoin”

SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Posts into Bitcoin

SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Blog into a Cryptocurrency Generator

I’m eager to talk to you about how I turned my side hobby in cryptocurrency into a viable side gig using SteemPress, but first, a quick story:

A Twitter advertisement for Brandon Gaille’s blog report recently came across my feed, the lede compelled me enough to click it. Rarely does an ad work so effectively, as it led me to reading my first Gaille article (a great report on how bloggers in various monthly income categories make their money) and subscribing/downloading a handful of his podcasts.

Well done, Brandon!

The article split bloggers into categories Continue reading “SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Posts into Bitcoin”

The Byteball Airdrop: Another Use Case for Steem

Another week, another opportunity to earn money off of tech entrepreneurs’ attempts to gain your attention.

Did you get your free Byteball yet as a Steem user?

It’s been a lot of fun on Steemit this past week, seeing everyone sharing the opportunity to get free cryptocurrency Continue reading “The Byteball Airdrop: Another Use Case for Steem”

Generate Passive Income on Steem

This article discusses how to generate passive income on Steem, a service I have used for over 8 months. I’m not a professional investment adviser, so this is not “investment advice”. Do your own research before making decisions on whether or not to do this. Buying Steem involves many risks, including loss of the USD value of Steem and complete blockchain destruction. 

But if you are interested in earning passive income on Steem, or are just interested in how it works, here is how (with video links) to do it. Continue reading “Generate Passive Income on Steem”

WandX-Cross Chain Airdrop for WAND Holders

If I were to point to one blockchain project right now that represented the least risk and the most gain, with a solid team that continues to deliver product on time, I know who I’d pick.

Disclaimer: this is not investment advice. Do your own research. I am long WAND. Continue reading “WandX-Cross Chain Airdrop for WAND Holders”

Augur: Prediction Markets for Everything

Augur-Why an Unstoppable Betting Platform is More than Fun and Games

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Ethereum Virtual Machine is that it is unstoppable: it takes an incredible amount of energy to be taken down[1]. This is a feature that makes it the perfect platform for Augur, a betting platform that allows for betting on anything users choose to bet on. Augur harnesses the innate desire humans have to predict what is going to happen into crowdsourced data. The betting action is also fun: people have gambled for thousands of years. Continue reading “Augur: Prediction Markets for Everything”

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Cryptocurrency Machine

There are few times in life when you get the opportunity to get something for free.

This is one of those times.

Steem is a blockchain that allows instantaneous transfers between users-think Bitcoin, but with Twitter like “@” handles-and also acts as a blogging platform.

Yes, I know. You already have a blogging platform.

But is your blog earning you any money?

I had a Google blog 10 years ago, which showcased some restaurants in Yokosuka, Japan that I liked. It got a little bit of traffic, and my Google Ads earned me around $14.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t pay out until you make $20. It costs time and money to transfer cash, so I’m not mad.

But you can do far better than that with the SteemPress app, which is available in the WordPress store (you have to have your own domain, not a “free” blog). When you get a Steem account, you’ll connect your posting key (a bit like a long, random password) to your blog, which will allow your WordPress articles to be automatically uploaded to the Steem blockchain. There are a few advantages to this:

  1. Your work is locked into the Steem blockchain forever, at no additional cost to you.
  2. If Steemians (those who use the Steem blockchain) like your articles, upvotes will turn into money. This is a little like Reddit karma, if you could use Reddit karma to turn into Bitcoin or buy stuff with.
  3. You tap into a new audience for your work.

I have used SteemPress for about 5 or 6 months, and I love it. I don’t get anything if you sign up for SteemPress-there is currently no referral program (nudge to @howo and @fredrikaa)-except the ability to share a great new (free!) product with others.

You can set up an account with Steem here. Participation on the platform will vastly increase your probability of success, as relationships with other Steemians is crucial to finding an audience and building a community. There is a lot going on in the Steem blockchain; too much to explain in one blog post.

I’m happy to help you if you have questions; just leave them in the comment box below. Let me know if you do sign up, as I’ll send some upvotes your way early on and help you on your early journey as a Steemian.


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