Many of you have already heard you can delegate and undelegate Steem Power via the Minnowbooster website.

However, some of you may not understand how to undelegate Steem Power, which is a problem if you need to undelegate your Steem Power and use it for other purposes.

This article will give step by step instructions on a couple of ways to delegate and undelegate Steem Power.

Watch my YouTube video where I describe this here>>

Delegating Steem Power

Let’s begin by delegating Steem Power. There are two main ways to do this: using SteemConnect, or Vessel. Let’s do SteemConnect first, because it’s a little more difficult.

Find a Request

First off, you’re going to find a lease request on Minnowbooster that you have enough SP to fill. Select “Fill this offer” and fill in your Steem username in all lowercase letters.


Next, choose “Delegate (with SteemConnect)”

This screen will pop up:


Click “Continue”

Next, you’ll fill out your username (all lowercase letters) and then your Active Key for the password:

Clicking “SIGN IN” will allow you to broadcast the transaction.

Now you’ll get the confirmation screen!

You can check your Steem Power in your wallet and should find that it has the same amount subtracted from the total that you delegated.

Congratulations, you’re now earning passive income!

Undelegating Steem Power

Undelegating Steem Power is easy enough to do on Vessel, but a little trickier using SteemConnect. Let’s take a look at the latter.


Minnowbooster, as a bot, is supposed to send a message to you when the delegation ends:

undelegate message

When you get this, you’re going to highlight the text from the “https” portion all the way to the end:

undelegate highlighted url

Copy and paste this url into your web browser’s address window.

address pasted

In this instance, I’m pulling from somebody else’s link, because I didn’t have one handy in my wallet history. You can see where I’ve highlighted the delegator (your name would go here, where it says rules169, which is the username of another Steemian)


I’ve changed rules169 with my username, and the delegatee I’ve changed to emperorofnaps (a bid bot run by some people I know). You can do the exact same thing


You can do this by copy-pasting the following and enter your name where it says “YOURNAME” and the delegatee where it says “OTHERNAME”:

Make sure you enter your name in all lowercase. Notice the vesting_shares=0.000000. Delegating Steem Power is done by “vests”, which seems complicated, but 0.00000 is pretty obviously zero.

When you hit enter, you’ll see another confirmation screen like you did before. This time, the amount you’ll see under the names is 0.000 SP. You’re undelegating Steem Power by changing your delegation amount to zero.

undelegating steem power confirmation

Finally, you’ll receive another confirmation after you click continue. You’ve successfully undelegated Steem Power to one delegatee, and in seven days, you’ll get that Steem Power back for your own use.

undelegating steem power success

Make sure you use it wisely.


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