Greetings Steemians! This is the second in my series of interviews with developers using the Steem platform.

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I’ve noticed a few people commenting with a little note saying

Posted using Partiko

so I decided to take a look at the app and try it out.

I love it!

Even more, I reached out to the developer to ask about the discord channel, and received a timely response.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to get some information out there about Partiko and it’s founder, and Sida generously accepted my invitation for an interview!

Q. What brought you to Steem? What’s your background?

A. I first saw Steem on coinmarketcap while I was looking for coins to invest in. Steem was probably the most interesting one I saw because it has something really tangible to it – a website that people were already using. At the time (late 2016) I didn’t look further deeply into it because I remember seeing something about “100% inflation” and the notion of Steem and Steem power wasn’t very easy to understand.

Over the course of 2017 I did more research into crypto and economics and wrote a crypto blog During my research I started to realize that a completely virtual currency might have the potential to create a completely new form of economy, and I’ve thinking about ways to make that happen. In January 2018, which is over a year later, I rediscovered Steem and realized that this is probably something that’s really gonna work. I was pretty impressed by its ecosystem and all the money-oriented services people have been building on top of it. The “virtual economy” is starting to take shape, which is really exciting.

My background is software engineer, and i’m particularly interested in making user facing applications. In fact I’ve been making GUI applications for 12 years ever since middle school and I have 8 years of Android development experience.

Q. What made you decide to develop an app on Steem?

A. The fact that there isn’t a mobile application that’s fast and easy to use, and the fact that I love building mobile applications and am very good at it.

Q. What is your vision for Partiko?

A. Partiko positions itself to become the easiest platform for people to interact with crypto. The unique features that are available from Steem, including account system, fast and zero-fee transaction, reputation system and reward system allows us to build a working social app that allows users to engage with each in a whole new way. It’s basically existing social app + crypto as the first class citizen. The key difference is that once you allow people to easily transfer values, not just information over the internet, it’s going to completely change the human kind. So far there are a couple of solutions out there (a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum dApp browser, etc.) but none of them shows the potential of being massively adopted.

Q. Partiko has a fun gamification feature that gives users points for activity. Will these points become SMTs?

A. We’re pretty excited about SMT and we’ll be closely watching its development. As soon as it becomes available we will be the first one to adopt.

Q. Partiko does not take a cut of users’ posts. Can you share how it will be monetized?

A. Great question. One easy answer would be building premium services and charge fees on those. If you were able to hire someone to work for you on Partiko, we would charge you a percentage on your payment through Partiko.

Q.Thanks for your help in making this post, Sida! BTW, what is your Steem name?


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