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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I think it’s time to slowly work my way back into it. I’m going to take a new direction with this blog: the intersection of cryptocurrency and Christian ethics.

I’m doing this because they’re both topics that interest me, and I think I can write intelligently about them.

It is incredibly important to me to not write as a scold, or hop onto my soapbox to write about the *only* way to establish good Christian crypto-economics. I want to ask questions, I want to challenge myself and others to think about how they use cryptocurrency and technology.

I hope this series isn’t an ideological slog. I’m not interested in fighting those possessed by a hatred of Bitcoin, or altcoins, or fiat currency. I am interested in discussing how crypto might lead to a more just world, give opportunities to the less fortunate. I’m also interested in looking at how it can be misused and *harm* people, and lead to greater inequality.

While I come at this with some a priori, this is intended to be a discussion, not a lecture, and I don’t have a preconceived end argument. We are in this journey together.

All of my perspectives will be viewed through a lens of traditional Christian teaching, which spans nearly 2000 years. I am a Roman Catholic, and will always view the world through that lens, but I hope this blog is helpful to anyone interested in the topic, regardless of your religious views, political persuasions, or ideology.

Let’s start off with a question: how has cryptocurrency helped you or someone you *personally* know? Leave a response below and share this if you’re interested!