As you likely know, I’m long term BULLISH on Steem. I am super excited for HF 20, followed by communities and SMTs, which are going to decentralize account creation even further, and build even more communities on top of the Steem network that will add value and upward pressure on the price of Steem.

Last spring, I began writing a couple chapters for a book on Steem. Life got in the way, and I lost track of that effort as I started to spend more time directly getting my website up and running and SEO optimized.

I am much closer to my vision of Steemmaker, now! So it’s time to get back to writing this book, which could be a much better resource for a much wider audience.

The first two chapters were published on Steemit last spring, but it is easier to find them on my website. I will continue to add to this and build this book as a resource for those who want to learn about the Steem blockchain and how to best optimize their experience here.

Steem projects are best done with participation from the readers and followers, so I’ll be asking for feedback and help once in a while. You’ve been great asking questions for Steemmaker’s YouTube channel, and I appreciate that! Thank you for commenting and keeping the community alive while Steem is living in these bear market doldrums. Our time spent here on Steem right now will not be worth nothing as the number of users explodes.