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You can crosspost on using a plugin like SteemPress and use it to build quality, relevant backlinks to your website…if you do it right. Doing it right depends on proper understanding of how follow and no-follow tags work in Steemit.

I’m going to describe why this is important, but if you already know what follow and no-follow mean, you can skip the next section.

What are No Follow Tags?

Websites get ranked in Google searches by a number of factors. One of the big ones is backlinks: are highly respected websites linking to your page or post? The more quality backlinks you have, the more likely your content is to appear near the top of a Google search.

But not every link from a well known site is the same. Posting a link on Facebook, for instance, isn’t going to give you all that juice that Facebook has being one of the top websites in the world. Instead, Facebook will give your links a No Follow tag, which means you can’t just post a bunch of stuff on Facebook and have Google pump your search results.

The same goes for Steemit. Posting a link on Steemit will automatically give it a No Follow tag.

But there are at least two ways to remove the No Follow tag.

The Two Ways to Get a Follow Link

  1. Get your article upvoted a lot
  2. Link to articles in the comments

First: The Upvote Method

You can get a follow link if your article is upvoted enough. I’ve found that an article with over $10 worth of upvotes gets the No Follow links removed:

In fact, I intentionally used a bidbot to get this link above the $10 threshold, because I was launching my new YouTube channel Ask Steemmaker and I wanted to get some backlink love from Steemit. It cost me 5 Steem ($4.00), as I already had about $6 worth of upvotes.

This is the single best use of bid bots on Steem, period.

Update! If your upvoted amount goes below $10, the no follow links will return! Ensure you upvote with enough wiggle room in case of price slippage (price is locked at 7 days).

Second: Linking in the Comments Section

When you add a link in the comments section, it doesn’t get the No Follow tag. This means you can use the comments section to add quality backlinks to your website!

Of course, this doesn’t give you license to go and spam everyone’s comments section with your (possibly off topic) web links. It does mean that you have another tool in your SEO toolkit to increase traffic to your site.

I’ve been experimenting with it and will update this page as I learn more.

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