Some Crypto Products you’ve never seen

While ICOs are hot right now, not everyone has an idea they can put into a tokenized, blockchain supported business. I’ve had a few ideas that fall into the “sell pick axes to miners” category of ideas, and I thought I’d share them to anyone looking for an idea.

High End Cold Storage

I love my Nano S, but what would be really awesome is a luxury version covered in gold or platinum. Have you seen those cell phones that go for tens of thousands of dollars? It would be supremely cool to be able to get a Ledger or Trezor like this:

It may not be for you or for me, but there is a real market for this

Vanity Token

I love the Unicorns I have from donating to the Ethereum Foundation. Did you know you can get a Unicorn token, which is worth zero dollars, if you donate a touch over 2 ETH to the Ethereum Foundation? The more ETH grows in value, the more a Unicorn token looks awesome: currently, it looks like I dropped a cool G on the EF because crypto; in reality, I spent maybe $30 and did it because I like collecting things like this.

Free services, like etherscan and myetherwallet, could do similar fundraisers. Sure, they have tip jars, but how much more effective would they be if I got something back? Yes, charity is best when it comes from the heart, and not greed or pride, but there is a reason donors are remembered on the walls of various institutions.

What free service would you donate to for a vanity token?

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[…] This is something that could be done with Steem Monsters. Maybe a particular change is added to cards that are sold after the pre-sale, that allows game players to show off they were INB4 when playing in tournaments, which might also raise the collectibility of the cards. It’s a bit like having a Gen 0 Crypto Kitty…but not having to spend thousands of dollars for it. People love this kind of thing and I’ve written before about vanity tokens. […]