Every Steemian wants to know how to make more money and improve their rewards and followers. While I have used 3, 4 and 5 for a while, tips 1 and 2 alone improved my weekly author rewards from 7 to 35 Steem Power. These Steem hacks are free and easy to do, and helped me gain 31 followers in 7 days. Let’s get started!

5 proven steem hacks

My 5 Proven Steem Hacks:

  1. Post a Lot
  2. Try New Steem Apps
  3. Don’t Chase Whales-Seek Influencers
  4. Use Steemworld
  5. Be Accessible

(My actual results are posted at the end!)

Post a Lot

You need to post to earn Steem, so post early and post often. Each post doesn’t need to earn a ton of money! Many posts increases interaction with audience and reminds your audience you are a human being.

I was stuck in the habit of thinking I had to write long posts for my audience, but I realized that many of my Steepshot posts were getting comments and giving me more time to share a passion of mine, cooking, with my friends. I stopped worrying about the small amounts I was getting in my Steepshot posts and just used them as an opportunity to both show of what Steem can do (app interactions) and share pictures of food I like.

Avoid the temptation of trying to make every post perfect. The more you post, the more you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. Try a variety of posts: I’ve had success using one Steepshot post, a short Partiko post, and a long form post. The long form posts are generally twice a week. See what works and adjust accordingly.

Try New Steem Apps

Use a variety of posting platforms. Each one has rabid fans, and by using those platforms you’ll gain access to new users and new friends. SteemPress, Steepshot, and Partiko are my personal favorites, but you should experiment with what works for you.

In particular, I have found Partiko and Steepshot have greatly increased my use of Steem throughout the day, giving me more opportunities to talk to my audience and upvote more content. Apps for Steem are on the rise and now is a great time to grow with the communities that are forming around them.

Don’t Chase Whales

Don’t waste time trying to seek out high Steem Power Steemians (whales). Instead, seek out influencers. Active Steemians with a lot of community engagement are worth following. @stellabelle is a good example of a Steem influencer who is super active and responsive to the community.

Interviewing people on Steem is a great way to grow followers and get to know the community better while it’s still the size of a small city. Focus on developers and community managers-not whales.

Use Steemworld

A lot of people create lists of recommended articles. Whether it’s a particular community (ie Veterans-thanks @guiltyparties!) or someone who happens to mention you in a particular post, you won’t be notified like you would on Facebook.

Thankfully, you can check out your mentions on Steemworld. There is a lot of great info here, but check out when people mention you, and make sure you engage with them and thank them. You might be missing some mentions of you or your content!

Be Accessible

Respond to your comments. Answer people’s questions, even if the answer is I don’t know. Doggedly give your readers valuable content to consume. Never be too good or too busy for your audience. If you’re trying to grow, you MUST put the time in and give back to the community.

I will admit: I struggle with this. Steem is a part time gig for me, which has opened a few doors (professional writing). I’m incredibly grateful. But I also have to work to squeeze in time to respond to everyone, while continuing to do my main job, and raising 4 kids, etc etc.

It’s all worth it. I’m going to keep hustling because I believe in Steem and I want to take as many of my followers with me to the moon as I can.

Ok, but do these really work?

Let’s take a look at my numbers on August 26th, before I implemented #1 and #2:

My “Last 7 Days” of Author SP and Steem were both 3.91 (50/50 rewards), earning me 7.82 in total Steem.

Now let’s look at what installing Partiko and increasing my post rate did:

My Author SP jumped to 35.05 and my Steem was 1.74, for a total of 36.79 Steem!

Note: I didn’t sandbag that first week: I was in the habit of writing only a couple articles per week, and thinking I shouldn’t post unless I had something really substantial to say. This was an average week of rewards for the past few months.

That was obviously a mistake. I’ve increased my posting, and boiled down these five tips to help you get there as well.

See you on the moon.


P.S. You can find even more tips on how to grow your Steem followers here.