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One of the biggest problems with Steem is learning about it-cryptocurrency development moves fast, and often posts that reach the top of Google searches are outdated after only a few months. This results in confusion and frequently repeated questions without a good central repository. Evergreen Steem content is hard to find in one place.

The Steemit subreddit has gotten better lately, so head on over there if you’re a redditor and hit the Subscribe button. The site has cleaned up lately and is becoming very helpful to new and veteran Steemians alike.

Still, there doesn’t seem to be a place for evergreen Steem content.

Until now.

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SteemFresh-the Solution

SteemMaker is dedicated to improving the Steem experience and bringing new talent to Steem, and with that in mind, I want to ensure the content on here never gets old. With that said, I’m offering bounties to Steemians who find errors. Here’s how it works:

Read all about Steem and other cryptocurrencies on my site. If you find an error, contact me and let me know what the error is, link it, cite the correction source, and tell me your Steem name.

For instance, let’s say I wrote that Steem Power delegations take 7 days to return SP to the delegator (as of this writing they do). After Hard Fork 20, they’ll take 5 days. Here’s what you’d do:

Hi Jeff, I noticed you say on this post that SP takes 7 days to return, but HF 20 says it is 5 days. Here is a link to prove it. My Steem name is @helpfulbuddy.

Doing this will keep the website fresh and useful for people who want to learn more but don’t want to have to read fifteen contradictory accounts of how Steem works.

Oh, and here’s what I’ll do:

Thanks @helpfulbuddy! I’ve sent you 1 Steem. Thank you for helping the SteemFresh project!


Inaccurate Steem Information: 1 Steem

Broken Links: 1 Steem

These bounties may change as the Steem price does, so check back and see if you can help us keep an evergreen repository of information!