There are a million ways to make money online right now. Let’s talk about what makes blockchain solutions-and streaming on Steem-special.

I recently started my second YouTube channel. My first one is attached to my main Google account, while the second is attached to Steemmaker. Neither of them earn any money.

Google has made it much more difficult to earn money on their platform. For YouTube channels, you’ll need 1000 followers and 4000 hours watched on your channel before you can monetize it. This is very discouraging for new content creators.

Steem-No Barrier

Beyond all the hoopla of “blockchain” and “decentralization” is this: it is cheaper, on the margins, to host and monetize content.

In fact, I’ve been far more successful monetizing my Steemit blog than my site, which has earned me about 45 BAT (Basic Attention Tokens, worth less than a quarter apiece) over the past three months. That’s not even enough to pay for my SSL certificate ($60/year). I’m still learning, but it’s far easier at this point to earn money on Steemit.


The last couple nights, I went live on and played a video game while chatting about Steem with followers. It was fun, and I made over $1 in upvotes each time…mostly from people I don’t know supporting Vimm and upvoting streamers.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to stream. On the one hand, it is incredibly fun. On the other hand, my longer articles tend to give more value to the Steem blockchain.

Either way, look at the internal debate: I’m trying to determine which way I want to earn money online using Steem.

making money streaming on steem

I’ve made more money on Steem than this guy is holding in his hands.

I took a liking to Vimm after the other big streaming service decided to ditch Steem. @chiren is the lead dev, and @foreveraverage is the co-owner and manager. Vimm is especially exciting right now as it is a growing streaming service, where there is a lot of opportunity for streamers who are hungry and want to hustle.

Consider: Twitch is a great, established, and integrated service with millions of fans. Becoming a streamer on Twitch means you’ll be competing with (maybe tens of) thousands of other gamers. It’s hard to stand out, and takes considerable time to grow a following.

Vimm takes hard work, too, but it’s also part of a larger blockchain network that rewards in a speculative asset: Steem. If you’re considering streaming on Twitch, why not try Vimm first? It’s a much smaller pond to swim in and you won’t get lost being one of hundreds of Fortnite streams.

And if this bear market goes away and Steem starts rising in value again? You’ll have established an audience and a brand on a growing platform, watching your Steem gain in value and your streaming taken to the next level.

What if Steem goes to zero? It’s possible. You’ll then need to bring your audience over to Twitch…but coming to Twitch with an audience will set you up quite nicely.

DTube and YouTube

@ironmanmatt asked me why I wasn’t using DTube a few weeks ago. At the time, I was just trying to get some Ask Steemmaker videos on YouTube and see how they’d go. I’m leaving them up, even as I put them up on DTube.

The idea is to get some traffic from YouTube to find Steem. Cross promotion of this blockchain is critical to it getting more users, especially early cryptocurrency adopters who are unfamiliar with Steem as an option.

Marginal Increases

For now, Steem is growing at the margins, along with a number of other up and coming social media sites trying to take down incumbents like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

But Steem has a substantial advantage over other blockchain projects like Gab or Peepeth: decentralized app creation-and the synergies it enables. @yabapmatt and @aggroed didn’t need to ask Steemit Inc for permission to create Steem Monsters. didn’t need to ask Steemit Inc for rights to build Partiko. They just made them.

Moreover, these (and Vimm, and DTube, and many others) dApps can be logged into using Steemconnect. Just as Facebook can be used as a central hub for identity over a multitude of apps, Steem is becoming the blockchain identity hub that can be used for a multitude of dApps.

Ultimately, we want the number of active Steemians to be in the tens of millions-or more. For now, I’m content with steady state growth that allows big blockchain improvements to happen before radical change becomes too difficult.


Streaming is a fun way to increase one’s interaction with the Steem blockchain, and I’d recommend all gamers give it a shot. Why not get paid when you want to relax and play a game?


P.S. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have on setting up your system to use Vimm. also has good instructions if you press the Go Live button. I’m also happy to help any non-Steemians get started on Steem and Vimm if you’re interested. You can hop into my Discord channel and ask questions, too-we’d love to have you.