I ran across a great post on the FI/RE subreddit the other day, and it made me think about how much Steem allows us to create systems to collect more Steem and slowly build our presence on here.

Systems are habits we don’t have to practice to attain.

That’s a pretty strong statement, but considering my time (and likely yours) is limited, I have to rely on systems to do things that simplify my life. Fifteen years ago, I mailed in my rent check every month. What a pain! Today, my housing is autopaid every month. I’m sure you’ve done some small hacks like this with your bank already, but let’s take a look at what we can do to build our Steem pile!


I use Steemvoter, a free Steem voting bot, to autovote a handful of accounts that are creating solid content on the Steem blockchain. Let’s face it: I don’t have time to do all the things, but I want to see Steem succeed, so Steemvoter votes on over a dozen accounts for me. The result? Steem Power builds up due to curation rewards. This is not going to make anyone rich, but it’s a great system that one can set on autopilot and earn a little more SP!

This doesn’t mean that I have handed all of my decision making over to an autovoting bot. But it ensures my voting power never goes unused.


Every post, with the exception of SteepShot photos, is written on my blog, steemmaker. I use SteemPress to cross post from my WordPress powered blog to Steem, which gives me an opportunity to better organize my articles and take advantage of SEO. I’m still working on the site, and my graphical design is not quite where I’d like it, but this gives me the opportunity to talk to other WordPress users and get them interested in using SteemPress to collect some extra earnings on their blog. As most bloggers do it for free, it seems an easy sell to get people to install SteemPress.

More Time to Focus

When asked for their one word secret to success recently, both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet responded with, “Focus”. That can be difficult for anyone trying to keep up on goings on in the blockchain world, but systems help automate the easy stuff so we can focus on the important things. The growing number of systems built on the Steem blockchain means we can support our friends, even when we don’t have the time to scroll through all of our feed.[1]

What systems do you use to maximize productivity and focus better?


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[1] There’s a good case to be made that automation could backfire and result in less people actually using Steem. I’m interested in anyone debating this in the comments.