7 Simple Ways to Gain Quality Steem Followers

Let’s face it: gaining followers on social media platforms is part of the fun.  Whether you are growing a brand, or keeping it casual, more followers will give you a better Steem experience. Having more followers gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have a greater impact on others.

There are a lot of articles on growing followers on Steem, but one of my goals with this website is to collect a lot of these tips into one source, saving people time and energy in learning how to best use this awesome platform.

With that said, these 7 tips will help you grow your followers and make your Steem experience more enjoyable. Continue reading “7 Simple Ways to Gain Quality Steem Followers”

7 Steps to Turn Blog Posts into Bitcoin

Bloggers-are you looking to add another source of revenue to your blog? Are you interested in earning some extra income that can give you exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

If the answer to these two questions is “yes”, I’d like to show you how you can Continue reading “7 Steps to Turn Blog Posts into Bitcoin”

SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Posts into Bitcoin

SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Blog into a Cryptocurrency Generator

I’m eager to talk to you about how I turned my side hobby in cryptocurrency into a viable side gig using SteemPress, but first, a quick story:

A Twitter advertisement for Brandon Gaille’s blog report recently came across my feed, the lede compelled me enough to click it. Rarely does an ad work so effectively, as it led me to reading my first Gaille article (a great report on how bloggers in various monthly income categories make their money) and subscribing/downloading a handful of his podcasts.

Well done, Brandon!

The article split bloggers into categories Continue reading “SteemPress Turns Your WordPress Posts into Bitcoin”

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Cryptocurrency Machine

There are few times in life when you get the opportunity to get something for free.

This is one of those times.

Steem is a blockchain that allows instantaneous transfers between users-think Bitcoin, but with Twitter like “@” handles-and also acts as a blogging platform.

Yes, I know. You already have a blogging platform.

But is your blog earning you any money?

I had a Google blog 10 years ago, which showcased some restaurants in Yokosuka, Japan that I liked. It got a little bit of traffic, and my Google Ads earned me around $14.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t pay out until you make $20. It costs time and money to transfer cash, so I’m not mad.

But you can do far better than that with the SteemPress app, which is available in the WordPress store (you have to have your own domain, not a wordpress.org “free” blog). When you get a Steem account, you’ll connect your posting key (a bit like a long, random password) to your blog, which will allow your WordPress articles to be automatically uploaded to the Steem blockchain. There are a few advantages to this:

  1. Your work is locked into the Steem blockchain forever, at no additional cost to you.
  2. If Steemians (those who use the Steem blockchain) like your articles, upvotes will turn into money. This is a little like Reddit karma, if you could use Reddit karma to turn into Bitcoin or buy stuff with.
  3. You tap into a new audience for your work.

I have used SteemPress for about 5 or 6 months, and I love it. I don’t get anything if you sign up for SteemPress-there is currently no referral program (nudge to @howo and @fredrikaa)-except the ability to share a great new (free!) product with others.

You can set up an account with Steem here. Participation on the steemit.com platform will vastly increase your probability of success, as relationships with other Steemians is crucial to finding an audience and building a community. There is a lot going on in the Steem blockchain; too much to explain in one blog post.

I’m happy to help you if you have questions; just leave them in the comment box below. Let me know if you do sign up, as I’ll send some upvotes your way early on and help you on your early journey as a Steemian.


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A Better Return than ICOs!

I love estate sales and garage sales, where I’ve found everything from WWII era bayonets to rare German bookshelf speakers. Many of these items are BIFL purchases, made even better by the extreme savings found at the point of purchase.

So Saturday I went out and walked around our neighborhood, which had its annual garage sale. This weekend, I added two major items to my kitchen: an 80’s era General Electric Food Processor ($3), and this charcoal kettle grill (free!):

I’ve been using a gas grill for years, and waiting for exactly this sort of opportunity to come along. I threw a cedar plank my Dad gave me on the coals to add some smoke to this meal, and it did not disappoint! The whole family ate juicy, smoky chicken, brats, veggies and potatoes (they’re hiding in that foil on the right).

Summer is here…EOS and other tokens might be overpriced right now, but garage sales are certainly not…and your savings are tax free! The food processor and grill would have been about $200 retail.

What have you picked up in your adventures? Do non Americans do garage sales? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


Interested in optimizing your Steem experience? Do you want to learn more about the Steem blockchain and how Steemit works? Click my logo below for a deep dive on Steem:

Avengers: Infinity War

Spoilers ahead.

Seriously, spoilers ahead! Go see the movie first, then come back and read (and comment) about it.

Infinity Gauntlet: The Comic

I was in sixth or seventh grade when the Infinity Gauntlet mini series came out. The story was amazing: Thanos, having collected six gems that give him access to the unlimited power of the six aspects of creation, kills off 1/3 of the universe’s population as a gift to Lady Death, a cosmic being representing all death in the universe. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Dr Strange work to assemble all the earth’s heroes in an (futile) attempt to wrestle the gauntlet from him.

They fail. Spectacularly. We see Wolverine’s adamantium claws turn into noodles, Cyclop’s head get encased in a block of an ultrahard mineral, and Captain America’s shield is disintegrated by a punch from Thanos. And it was all a ruse-an attempt to distract Thanos enough that Silver Surfer can swoop in and snag the Gauntlet.

He fails too. (Although What If #49 shows us how that would have played out)

Infinity War: The Film

The storyline of the movie is similar to the comic series. Thanos is collecting the Infinity Stones. In the movie, however, we find out his ambition to do so is to wipe out half the population of the universe, so that those left behind won’t have to deal with scarce resources…a problem that led his own homeworld, Titan, to ruin eons ago. He is a complex villain voiced marvelously by Josh Brolin.

The movie begins showing us how powerful Thanos is with the newly acquired Power Stone. He goes toe to toe with the Hulk, and wins by a wide margin. In a subtle nod to the comic, Hulk is transported and crashes through Dr Strange’s mansion, with the same comment Silver Surfer made in the comics: “Thanos is coming!”

Thanos has a lot of moving parts to deal with, however, so he sends his extremely capable minions to get the two gems held on earth (Time and Mind, held by Dr Strange and Vision respectively). This moves the plot forward and gives the good guys some time to gather together, while Thanos is off seeking the Soul and Reality Stones.

As expected, the film ends with Thanos collecting the last of the Stones and attaining unlimited power. This climaxes with him killing half the universe, including a healthy dose of your favorite heroes. It was a total blast sitting in a full theater and hearing the gasps of people as we watched beloved characters disintegrate.

Another spoiler: there’s no way Marvel killed them off for real. But we’re left with that impression, as well as wondering, “how will they kill Thanos and get the Gauntlet?”

We’ll just have to wait until next year to find out.

What did you like or dislike about it?



Book Update and a Steemian Helps Out

I just published an edited and reformatted version of my book, Trading Cryptocurrencies: Ten Mistakes You Must Avoid. The result is an easier to navigate book, clearer writing, and some new information (including my SteemMaker page). The grand plan continues to unfold.

None of this would have been possible without fellow Steemian @mtnmeadowmomma, who did the painstaking work of reading and rereading my book, then adding suggestions and rewriting badly written sentences (and paragraphs). She did a great job, and if you’re looking at writing a book, you should ask her to help.

Once again, I’m amazed at how useful Steem is when used creatively. I’m currently working on my next book, which will focus on using the Steem blockchain (aimed at current non users, although hopefully it is comprehensive and helpful enough to be useful to you all as well) as a content creation platform par excellence. I’ve written one chapter on Steem Power so far, but due to some side gigs popping up (hooray!) I’ve had less time to focus on the book. It’s a dead heat race between the sloth and the turtle to see if I’ll finish my book before hard fork 20 gets published.


Cool Stuff

Steemian @creativecrypto is creating a magazine that will pay authors with upvotes worth around $1.40. This is one thing whales and dolphins (and even minnows who lease SP) can do to bring more value to Steem. I have some ideas rolling around in my head that are similar, but again, I lack the time to follow through with anything serious at the moment (and the added work every day is non negligible). Even so, you should head over there and see if you can contribute; it should be interesting to see if a paid model like this works over the long run…and if the price of Steem goes up, it should pay quite handsomely over time.


One More Thing

Thanks for all the comments. I read them all, and try to respond as much as I can. This is not a celebrity blog-this is a small group of online hobbyists who are somewhere between acquaintances and friends, who are trying to help one another figure out a completely new platform and make some money. I’ve really enjoyed those of you coming by and sharing your thoughts. My old model was to post less, but with more content; I’m going to push forward and post more “bloggy” articles like this when I have 15-20 minutes…although I’ll still be posting some good analysis of cryptocurrency. In fact, I’ve got some really good stuff coming up in the next few months about an upcoming token system that could revolutionize geolocation. Here’s a link to some of what I wrote for FOAM in 2017.


Check out my book for more information on cryptocurrency trading. Free for Amazon Unlimited readers!

Have No Fear, Pac Man is Here

Wait, Pac Man? Yes, Pac Man.

While browsing through the wonderful Steem Projects website, I came across this little gem: a Pac-Man emulator that pays you in steem if you get a high score. It’s a fun use of Steem and yet another reminder that this Steem blockchain is so much more than steemit.com.

A lot of people seem to be getting frustrated with the bid bot system, and I don’t blame them. The idea of posting great content and having it get curated to the top, only to see people paying hundreds of dollars worth of SBD to get something into trending, is frustrating. It might not be the future we imagined when we first heard about steem.

And yet, 40 years ago, you put your hard earned quarter into an arcade game to play some Pac-Man. Today, you can play it and get paid!

There are a couple hundred projects you can look at on the Steem Projects website. Poke around a bit.

Steem is an amazing blockchain project that is massively undervalued. I’m not going to “call” a huge price increase or anything here-I have no idea what the future price action of steem is: nobody does.  But the fact is, we have an operating blockchain that is unique in its “Proof of Brain” inflation system. This blockchain is being experimented upon by a lot of developers, and anyone can get involved.

Finally, if steem does take off and become the successful platform we expect with tens of millions of users, there will be vastly more competition for the rewards pool. We may one day look back at getting 1 steem or 1 SBD for a post and think of that the same way I think of being able to mine Ether a couple years ago-a block every couple days.

Now is the time to buckle down, hone your craft, keep posting the good stuff, meet new friends, and try to avoid collateral damage while a few whales duke it out. Our job is not to worry about them, but to keep showing the internet how incentivizing interactions on social media can create non toxic comment boxes.

A couple of minutes on YouTube or Twitter will prove that necessity.


Check out my book for more information on cryptocurrency trading. Free for Amazon Unlimited readers!