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Intro to Generalized Mining

Generalized Mining

Have you heard of generalized mining? The idea is steeped in economics and game theory, and a little hard to explain. This article will focus more on the broad outlines of it rather than detailed definitions and maths. The Beginning: Proof of Work The idea of “mining” tokens began when Bitcoin’s network began in January […]

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Consumer Uses of DGX

If cryptocurrency is going to be used as money, we’re going to need to see some hurdles overcome. The “easy” ones are secure mobile wallets and user adoption. The hard one is stability. People want a stable unit of currency. There has to be an expectation that the price of it doesn’t change from day […]

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Digix Gold Is Here

Yesterday, two years after its crowdsale, Digix Global deployed the ERC20 gold token, DGX, on the blockchain. There are currently 1400 DGX tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each represents one gram of gold, 100% backed by physical gold held in Singapore. The Digix crowdsale took place in March 2016-two years ago. It was the first […]

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