Despite the current price of 1 Steem being lower than $1, the state of development on the Steem blockchain has never been better. Steem is a social media co-op with all of us benefitting from every new app developed on it.

It has never been a better time to be a Steemian. There are so many ways to scratch your entrepreneurial itch here.

Let’s take a look at some of the current top Steem projects that I’m using that will help bring new users into the platform.


steepshot logo

Steepshot is an Instagram clone that allows users to vote for one another’s photos within a slick, easy to use app that is available on iPhone and Android.

I’ve used Steepshot in a number of posts, which is a fun way to monetize my lunch more directly than Instagram.

Of course, a good social media marketer can use a platform like Instagram to do amazing things, but as the little girl in the commercial says, “why not both?”

Late in 2017, when the price of Steem was rising, I was able to upload some lunches and earn more money than they cost. That was wild, and I don’t expect to see that anytime soon. But even with the price of Steem under $1 (on sale!), it is incredibly easy to upload a photo to share with my fellow Steemians. It looks gorgeous, and it has a much nicer interface than In fact, Steepshot only shows other Steepshot posts in its app.

Steepshot is filled with high quality pictures from around the world, and is a delight to explore. In fact, Steem is very popular in places where a couple photographs can earn a significant portion of their daily income through a few upvotes.

The bottom line: Steepshot is a great way to get your photo loving friends onto Steem, and even make a little money taking photos.

Developers for Steepshot are @pmartynov, @vitality, and @korzunav. Thanks to community manager @pasadomata for helping me gather data.

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steempress logo

I love SteemPress. Putting together a blog on WordPress has been an absolute joy. I even did a little tweet storm about them yesterday.

In this Tweet storm, I pointed out that some of the most successful uses of Steem will be as a plug in or enhancement of existing platforms.

SteemPress is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to crosspost their WordPress blog posts to the Steem blockchain. It has useful features, such as delayed crossposting (which is recommended for those trying to optimize for search engine traffic), multiple Steem accounts (for blogs with multiple authors), and a super simple check box labeled “Publish to steem”.

SteemPress gives bloggers the opportunity to join the Steem community with a minimum of friction. It saves everyone’s most precious resource, time, and allows content creators and social media marketers more time to focus on their content and their audience.

SteemPress allows you to turn your WordPress blog into a cryptocurrency machine.

SteemPress is under full time development by @howo and @fredrikaa, who are constantly adding new features and ensuring compatibility with existing WordPress updates.

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partiko logo

A newcomer, Partiko has brought new energy to my Steem experience. Working on post replies through Partiko is much better than using my phone’s web browser and Steemit. Until a week ago, that was what I was doing, which probably explains why I’m much better at responding to people’s messages now.

Partiko has a fun gamification feature that allows users to collect points that can be used for upvotes. In time, Partiko will also adopt SMTs (Steem Media Tokens), giving users an added motivation to use the platform. This is a great use case for SMTs, as immutable counters that give direct incentives for using a platform.

Partiko is available on Android and iPhone right now. You’ll need to use your active key via steemconnect to use it; be careful where you keep your active key as it has the ability to access your Steem and SBD. Absolutely keep your MOST POWERFUL KEY, the Owner Key, off of your phone. You can change your active key with the owner key if you feel like the active key has been comprimised.

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And Dozens More…

These are just three of the Steem projects on my radar right now. I chose them specifically because they show some of the flexibility that Steem offers entrepreneurs and content creators. Of course, there are so many more, like dtube, dlive, Steemhunt, Steem Monsters, etc etc.

Bottom line: no matter what method you use to create content online, you can integrate it with Steem and start earning cryptocurrency doing what you love.

What’s stopping you?


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