Early in 2018, I discovered SteemPress, a WordPress plugin that allows Steemians to publish their articles on a WordPress blog and have it automatically get shared onto the Steem blockchain. This two birds, one stone approach to posting makes it far easier for new Steemians to join us, as they only need to get a Steem account and install the lightweight plugin into their blog. Google tells me there are 74 million WordPress blogs out there right now.

How many can we bring to Steemit.com?

SteemPress-a Bridge into Steem

steempress logo

I’m excited about how the Steem blockchain works, and eager to see how established content creators will utilize it to generate more revenue. I’m also interested in seeing newer content creators bootstrap their work by cross posting with SteemPress.

It’s so easy.

I continue to tell my friends about Steemit.com, and how it is a low risk way to get invested in the blockchain movement. By posting your content via SteemPress, you’re getting the option of earning free cryptocurrency.

Note: SteemPress is led by two developers, @howo and @fredrikaa. They are both working full time to support WordPress integration, and SteemPress takes a percentage of your post rewards when using it.

Did I mention upvotes?

The @steempress-io Steem account is leasing over 1 million Steem Power! Use the steempress tag in your posts to get noticed, and if you’re publishing quality content, you will get upvoted by them for a couple bucks.

Here’s How it Works

You’ll need to configure the settings to connect your WordPress blog to your Steem name. All of the options that are chosen in this section are for the Steem copies of your article only. They won’t affect the look of your post on your WordPress blog.

When you install SteemPress into a WordPress blog, you’ll need to go to Settings and type in your Steem username (all lowercase) and posting key.

steempress settings

You can choose how you’d like your rewards: 50/50 or 100% power up. I use 50/50 (h/t @yabapmatt for reminding me why this is better than 100% power up)

There are default tags that will set if you don’t tag your posts. I always use tags, so this was still set at whatever I put in a few months ago.

Should You Delay?

The next option is to delay your cross posting to Steem. This might be important if you are working to build your SEO using SteemPress, like I am, but there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence yet. I generally delay 10-12 hours, although I’m not dogmatic about it at this point.

Type your delay in minutes. 12 hours would be 12 X 60, or 720 in this box.

Steemmaker Tip: Posting to Steem between Monday and Friday seem to produce the most interactions. Time your posts to appear when your audience is awake and most likely to comment and upvote your post.

It continues:

steempress settings 2

The Footer text ensures that Steem links back to the original article, and mentions SteemPress. You can change (or remove) this as you like. I’m very possessive of my footer space but don’t mind this. Also, the Footer only shows up on the Steem post, not on the WordPress blog itself.


Now, you’ll have a check box in the Publish box that says, “Publish to steem”. Check this for any posts you want to automatically be copied over to the Steem blockchain.

It is checked by default.

steempress check box

Congratulations! You’ve connected your blog to Web 3.0.

The benefits of SteemPress don’t stop there. Since I’m also posting on this WordPress site, I can control my SEO and update pages as new information becomes available. At the same time, by posting my articles to the blockchain, they are made nearly impossible to delete or modify.

Don’t Be a Stranger on Steem

Now that you’re able to post directly to Steem, don’t forget to respond to your comments on there!

If you aren’t yet following me on Steem, feel free to comment on my most recent article if you found this useful. You can also use the steemmaker tag if you post about this article and I’ll swing by with an upvote.


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