Bringing people to Steem, and growing the community, is the best way to grow this platform in the long term. I’m really excited watching all the fine products being developed, from Steem Monsters to Dtube, that are adding value to the Steem blockchain.

I’ve recently been playing with live streaming on Vimm. “Live streaming” is a weird concept to those of us over 35. Why would I want to watch somebody else play a video game? That seems a little goofy, doesn’t it?

And yet, it’s enjoyable. It’s fun to both watch, and to play games, with friends. That’s where the real value is.

The few times I’ve played so far, I’ve had @eonwarped, @netdragonx, and @evanvanness all hop into my Discord channel to chat about crypto. @wonderwop has also joined the text chat. It’s as if I’m able to spend a little time with some friends as I wind down my evening.

Vimm vs Twitch

I’ve now streamed on both platforms, mostly because I wanted to see how each one stacked up and also to see why a Twitch streamer might move to Vimm.

At this point, Twitch is far superior. I love Vimm (I’ve even delegated some SP to it), and @chiren is doing an amazing job. But if I was an affiliate on Twitch (I’m not), I would not drop it to go on Vimm. Twitch has Amazon behind it, and has been around since 2011. If you want to watch a particular game, it is easy to do it on Twitch.

That being said, Vimm has its place too. As an up and coming platform, with a tireless developer working hard on it, it’s a great place to build a following and earn Steem by playing video games. I mean, that’s kind of insane, right?

Vimm is the place for Steemians to go if they enjoy playing video games, as their stream becomes an upvotable post once they start. It’s also a great way to interact with other Steemians in a more social manner and meet the person behind the screen a little more.

Probably the hardest part getting into Twitch is getting people to want to follow you. Unless you dedicate a lot of time and energy to the platform, you’re going to get very tiny rewards. With Steem, you can leverage the following you already have much more easily. Streaming can become a part of your portfolio of content you provide.

My own “portfolio” currently consists of essays like this (generally up to 1000 words), photos on Steepshot, and the occasional Ask Steemmaker video. I’d call it a triple threat if that didn’t sound ridiculous and a bit too self important.

Tipping-When Your Vote is Dust

Twitch has created a system that encourages tipping streamers: many have fun animations that play when you tip, follow, or subscribe to their channel. The problem? Twitch takes a huge cut of the action. I get it-they have bills to pay-but paying $1.40 to tip somebody $1 is egregious, and indicative of Twitch being the only game in town.

Vimm tips within the Steem blockchain, so you can upvote AND tip Steem or SBD easily. There’s no middle man cash grab like Twitch has, either.

And good streamers have some fun surprises set up for those who tip, including music and gif animations that make the whole thing seem like a party. Vimm uses Steemconnect to sign in (Vimm never sees your private keys, by the way), so you can easily tip half a Steem (or 1 Steem, or 100 Steem…) to your favorite streamer.

I’m working on my animations for followers and subscribers, but everything I’ve put together so far was done with Twitch in mind, so I’ll need to change it up a bit.


Vimm gives us one more opportunity to create value on the Steem blockchain and turn our hobbies into income! While I don’t expect to make a fortune anytime soon by streaming, I love that I can turn an otherwise antisocial activity (single player gaming) into a social activity.

You can find my stream at I usually announce going live on my Discord channel, which you can join here. Stop in and say hi, I’d love to meet you.


P.S. Steemians, notice, you can comment in line below! SteemPress has updated their code and I’ll be working to gradually move more of my readers to my actual site. I’ll write more about this soon but I think this is a major step toward getting more bloggers on board the Steem train.