Some of you may remember I wrote a few articles for WandX before their crowdsale.

Some of you may also remember my last article, in which I pointed out how I don’t recommend tokens…generally.

But WandX is less than one week from going live on their trading platform, and their github is filled with all kinds of exciting goodness like options contractsand you’ll need to buy WAND to use their platform. WandX’s platform allows you to create, buy and sell baskets of cryptocurrencies: it’s a decentralized exchange that allows you to make your own ETFs of ERC20 tokens!


Roadmap for 2018
WandX looks like it will be the first DEX to offer on chain put options, which is going to be a game changer for token holders.

This team has been quietly chugging away, with a nano-cap of $5.9 million on coinmarketcap. If you want to be able to use their platform once options trading is available, you’ll need WAND to do so, and it is very inexpensive right now.

This is not meant to be investment advice. Do your own research before using complex instruments like options.


Hop into the Telegram channel if you want to ask the team questions.